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Mon, Mar. 1st, 2010, 01:51 am

Once upon a time LiveJournal was ballin'. Now I don't know a lot of people that still use it. It's kind of sad whenever something like this becomes obsolete. But don't worry LJ, Myspace isn't too far behind. lol

In other news, I do stuff. A lot.

Thu, Oct. 15th, 2009, 04:19 pm
A Week Later, and A BIG Thank You!

So at about this time one week ago, I made a huge step up in life and proposed to my sweetheart. It was definitely one of the craziest, most unique days of my life, and I mean all of that in a very good way. Time never flew so fast, and we were both very energetic and worn out emotionally at the same time. It was a day filled with complete happiness that I haven't similarly felt in any other day of my life.

I had it all planned out how I wanted to propose to her, but of course, once it actually happened, I was shaking like a leaf and my voice was trembling. But other than that, it was all a big surprise to her, as I hoped. And more importantly, she loves her ring. She's not much of a jewelry person, and I didn't want to come up with something lackluster, so thankfully that was a success as well.

Once I had the ring in my hand for the first time, for some reason, in my mind I immediately decided the way I was going to do this was propose to her in the form of a poem. The poem would at first appear to be just something nice and thoughtful for our anniversary, but then I drop the paper I'm reading from to reveal that I'm holding her engagement ring, which has three diamond stones on it, with the three stones representing "past, present, and future". I wanted the poem itself to reference towards the ring and what it represents, so here's what I came up with:

Dear Jennifer,

I know that your favorite number is four, but believe me,
The best things in life really do come in three.
It's true when they say that the third time's a charm,
Because for three years, you've made me feel loved and warm.

October 7th, 2009; there is no day better,
To celebrate our past, present, and future together.
You are my soul mate, my lover and my best friend.
And you will always be those things, even when time comes to an end.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Jennifer Zelaski.
But now I have to end this poem to ask you a question...

...Will you marry me?

For pretty much the entire day she was in shock, even after she said yes. The proposal took place in our hotel room at The Homewood Suites. The Homewood Suites is a sentimental place for us, seeing how our first time officially together, we decided to spend the night there. So with it being our anniversary, we first went to Olive Garden to stuff ourselves with pasta, then go check in to our room. Then once the proposal itself happened, time flew like crazy the rest of the day. That was the only bad thing about the day. We closed the night out with some bowling (pitiful bowling on my part), billiards, and food at Dave & Buster's, then snuggled up in our hotel room to watch BRUNO of all movies; that movie was hilarious and unbelievable with how much they pushed the envelope in it. Not to mention, the day was full of Jagerbombs for me as well, hahaha

To everyone who wished us well, I just wanted to give you all a heartfelt thank you! The support everyone showed us was amazing and overwhelming, it all means a great deal to us. And I apologize also for scaring you with my first official statement, but come on... I wanted to have a little fun with my announcement and pull a little prank. Just flat out saying "OMG WERE ENGAGED YAYYYZ" would've been too cliche and boring, and anyone that really knows me knows I have a warped sense of humor and like doing things a little different. So sorry about that. :)

As for where we go from here, all I can say right now is I know that Jen wants a long engagement, maybe around 2 years or so. I personally hope that we can be wed on our anniversary, October 7th, since that's our day. If we were to get married any other day, what would October 7th be after that? So I'm hoping our marriage can either happen that day, or at least a significant part of it happen on that day. Right now, especially with the holidays coming up, we both have a ways to go as far as planning, date, location etc. But so far we already have quite a bit of people offering to take care of certain duties at the wedding, which is awesome, and something else Jen and I are very thankful for.

Plus, big ups to everybody at N.E.W. for all the support! Tyger Smith starting out the pre-show meeting with announcing the engagement to the rest of the locker room and the ovation we got was totally awesome and a very nice surprise, and the congratulations throughout the night were great. I normally don't like breaking kayfabe, but fuck it (lol), it was really something special to us that I'll never forget.

Of course, I'll reveal more details as they come, which unfortunately right now isn't a whole lot. But I really wanted to thank everyone for their kind words. They really did make an excellent day even better, so thanks to all of you who supported us!

Thu, Oct. 8th, 2009, 01:02 am
After three great years, I'm without a girlfriend...

Yes, it's true. I didn't think I'd ever find myself saying this anytime soon, but I'm afraid it's true that all good things must come to an end... it looks as if though I'm without a girlfriend. I've had a wonderful three years with her, but as great as this chapter in my life was, it is now over.

It just feels so weird, so different... three years of fun and excitement have come to this. Jen had made me feel so happy all this time, and made me feel like these past three years were the best of my life. Anyone whose known me for a long time knows I wasn't exactly the luckiest guy when it came to women, so when this relationship with Jen came along, it felt like a huge step upward in my life. I felt like I found my someone. It totally turned my life around for the better, and I didn't look back. I figured we'd pretty much become inseperable up to this point; everyone always associated one of us with the other.

It's quite ironic that at around this time three years ago, we began something special. But now that's all changed. But even with this sudden change, I hope she knows that all this time, I cared for her more than life itself. No matter how things might have went down, I will always love her and care about her.

That's why today, on October 7th, 2009, I proposed to her, asking her to be my wife. She said yes.

So with this big change, Jen is no longer my girlfriend, but she is now my fiance!

Fri, Sep. 25th, 2009, 03:22 pm
Just leave a comment

LiveJournal's becoming pretty obsolete these days... I jump on here from time to time, so if you do too, just leave a little something, just because. :)

Sat, Sep. 5th, 2009, 12:30 pm

Just puttin' this out there in LiveJournal land...

Wed, Jul. 29th, 2009, 02:56 am
R.I.P. Sandy

Tonight was absolutely one of the hardest nights of my life. I came home from work at about 10pm to find that Sandy, one of my pet turtles, had passed away. My girlfriend wouldn't be home for anouther hour though... so not only did I want to get "it" out of the way, "it" is just something I dread doing, and it definitely was not easy. She was so heartbroken, and it just devastated me, losing one of our very own first pets, and seeing how sad it made my girlfriend. I'm fine right now, I just hope everything will be okay soon.

Rest in peace Sandy. Your mom and dad love you and miss you. <3

Sun, May. 24th, 2009, 02:52 am
Who's To Blame?

So I'm up late (what's new) looking through wrestling dirt sheet websites, when I read about this upcoming grudge match between Kevin Nash and Pierre-Carl Ouellet. Here's the aritcle:


The International Wrestling Syndicate celebrates its Tenth Anniversary on May 30th at the Medley with the biggest grudge match to hit Quebec since the Rougeaus fought the Garvins in the old Montreal Forum: Kevin Nash vs. Pierre-Carl Ouellet. The History: In September 1995, PCO (as Jean-Pierre Lafitte) was scheduled to face Kevin Nash (as WWF Champion Diesel) in Montreal. PCO refused to job in his home-town. Kevin Nash was a monumental ass-hole about it. PCO lost his push and eventually his position in the WWF. What You Need To Know: For the first time in 14 years, PCO will be in the same ring as Kevin Nash, the man who cost him his dream job and literally millions of dollars in lost revenue. PCO will be able to punch Kevin Nash in the face as hard as he wants and not go to jail for it.


Now here's my take on the whole thing... I don't consider myself a know-it-all in the wrestling business by any means. But I personally don't know of any excuse that makes it okay to refuse doing a job. It might just be me, but this article makes Nash out to be the bad guy in all this, whether it's hyping the match or not. I feel it was PCO's pride that led to him losing his dream job and literally millions of dollars in lost revenue. Regardless of if Nash was a monumental asshole about things, he was the top star of the WWF at that time, and that's just bad business refusing to job to the top guy. And no disrespect to PCO, but he wasn't exactly high up on the pecking order at that time. These days it'd be like R-Truth refusing to job to Randy Orton just because they're in R-Truth's hometown. To me it's just bad business to put your ego and/or pride before the product, in such a case as this.

Fri, Apr. 3rd, 2009, 05:26 pm
I gotta say, it was a good day

So April Fools Day turned out to be one of the best days I've had in a long time.

Was off with the misses all day, so first we went to the Broadway Market. It was my first time there and I thought it was a nice place with a lot of cool stuff. After that we needed to clean out our turtle tank, and as much of a pain as it is, I feel like we've gotten better at it, and it shows. It's real satisfying to see a nice, crystal clear turtle tank after all the hard work.

Then I went on PlayStation Home, to see if their April Fools "joke" was for real, and not a joke in itself. We both love the Chain Swing song on the Listen@Home playlist, it's seriously addicting. So the one day I came on and noticed it was replaced with all this 50 Cent stuff, needless to say we weren't happy about it at all. Apparently many others didn't either, and the moderators suggested for April Fools day making a playlist with only Chain Swing on there. So I checked it out, and turns out it was true. A playlist of 23 songs, and all of them were the exact same song (lol). It was hilarious, so we kept it on for a pretty long time and enjoyed ourselves. As dumb and monotonous as it was, we never get tired of it, and we think it's great.

And finally, I've gotten back in touch with Matt, my best friend from back in high school. We'd since gone our separate ways, with him moving back to his home state of Missouri. Last time we saw each other was I believe '02 or '03; he was up here with a friend of his and his girlfriend Rachel. It kind of left a bad taste in my mouth, because I apparently rubbed them all the wrong way without even realizing it, and they didn't really enjoy the visit, which I felt really bad about. But recently I found him on Myspace, and he sent me a message telling me what he's been up to, and how proud he was of me for how I've come up in life. Him and Rachel have actually been married for 2 years now which is great. So I messaged him back telling him some of what's been going on lately. It's been a long time and we have a lot of catching up to do, which I'm looking forward to. Matt's seriously one of the coolest people I've ever met, so I'm real happy to be talking with him again.

When it was all said and done for the day, I realized that I haven't had a day quite as good or as fun as that in a while, and there needs to be more days like that.

Wed, Mar. 25th, 2009, 04:29 pm

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Mon, Feb. 16th, 2009, 10:46 pm
Just annoyed by Michael Cole as usual...

I dunno why, but it just makes my skin crawl whenever I hear Michael Cole say "the monstrous" Mike Knox. Cole and his annoying catchphrases (whoring out WWE.com with the Daily Diva and Cryme Tyme's word of the day, Kofi Kingston's "controlled frenzy, etc.) are starting to remind me of how much of a tool he comes off as. Jim Ross used to always get on my nerves too with his "scalded dog" and "government mule" phrases, but he didn't annoy me as bad as Cole.

As if I didn't have enough hope to ever see Heidenreich come back, I wish he'd come back and make Cole his bitch again. lol

Okay, enough of my randomness-driven rant. kthxbye.

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